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West Palm Beach Web Design

I’m sure you’ve heard this line before… If you are not on the internet, you are loosing sales. Or you might have heard some other catchy saying about needing a web site designed for your business. Well those clichés still hold true today. Millions of people are connected to the internet, thousands of people get connected every day. Billions of dollars are spent on goods bought off the internet. The fact is, every business should have a web site for the mere fact of letting potential customers know where you are located, how to contact you, and maybe show off some products. Small information web sites are becoming more popular and cheaper to make.

Mobile Web Design

Over 70 Million people own a smartphone. Chances are alot of your potential customers are trying to find you though their phone. So, do you have a mobile web site for them to look at? Mobile devices has been one of the biggest growing technology in the last couple of years. It's only going to continue to grow. More and more people will be doing all their research, purchasing and communicating through their mobile devices. Our mobile web design packages will give you the presence you need for the hungry mobile community.

Internet Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Marketing) is one of many aspects that encompass internet marketing, along with social media marketing, video marketing and several others. It's one thing to have a website, but what good is having a website if you do not have the traffic. And more importantly, the right kind of traffic. Sketch Web Services works with your company to identify your goals and create a specific internet marketing plan of action that will give you the best results and ROI.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the new frontier. It's what email marketing was when it first started in the 90's. As more and more people move to mobile devices, traditional marketing methods fall short. With Text messaging marketing, your company can deliver a message within minutes. And the likelihood of that message being read is very high. Mobile marketing campaigns will be designed around your specific needs and is the most cost effective marketing compared to traditional advertising.

Last week, a US military man in the middle east posted a video of the Air National Guard band Sidewinder performing a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. The amazing voice of frontwoman Staff Sergeant Angie Johnson stood out. What happened next was a perfect example of how a video went viral online. It started with with the US  [ Read More ]